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Here at Mucky Duck Cleaning Services, we offer industrial cleaning services to businesses in a 50 mile radius of Derby. High-quality cleaning is an essential part of maintaining a good workplace, we realise this. That’s why we provide our clients with a bespoke cleaning service that uses the latest techniques while maintaining an environmentally friendly attitude. Our range of industrial cleans includes grease extraction cleaning, extraction fans and kitchen deep cleans with over 15 years experience. We’re cost-effective and fully qualified. Contact us today on 07514135749, we’re here to help.

Professional Industrial Cleaners

70% of all commercial kitchen fires are started in the ducting where often it is hard sometimes impossible to detect until it is too late and can be hard to access to take control of the fire itself that is why it is paramount to keep your grease extraction system safe and in good working order, not only does it help prevent the risk of fire but also noise and smell pollution. For example if you have a dirty fan covered in grease, fat and tissue this can cause a drag on the running of the fan causing loud noises and also wearing out the fan itself using more energy and eventually leading to failure altogether and the smell pollution is caused by old grease in the system this is more noticable in the summer months when it is warmer and not forgetting the attraction of pests.

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Our joint number one concern is client satisfaction and safety with our cleaning services, and it always will be. We take a comprehensive, tailored approach to our assignments: taking the time to think about the best course of action before executing the task with determination, passion and integrity. "Our pride is in our promise"

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